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Vaping and Flying Dos and Don'ts

Vaping and Flying Dos and Don'ts

With airline security being very tough these days it can be hard to navigate the ever-changing dos and don’ts of air travel. If you are planning to take a trip with your e-cig or vaping device and have never done so before, hopefully this post can help.

Can you vape on the plane?

OK, let’s get the bad news over with. You can’t vape on the actual plane. There was a brief period in time when you could do this, but since then airlines have enacted policies that strictly forbid vaping on the plane. People do still try and take a trip to the lavatory to sneak a quick vape, but you can absolutely get caught doing this. Usually, this happens because smoke detectors, despite the name, don’t detect actual smoke. They are actually better described as particle detectors and alert the crew via a silent alarm if they trace any abnormalities in the air. This isn’t something you want to be caught doing as it can lead to hefty fines and possible detention… Not a good way to start your vacation. You are best off taking some extra good puffs before you board the flight.

Can you vape at the airport?

This varies a little from location to location, but mostly the answer to vaping in an airport is YES! In America, this is usually based on local vaping laws. If you can vape indoors in the state you are in, then you can vape in the airport. If you live in an area where indoor vaping is banned, then you will have to look for a smoking section. This is largely unfortunate, as it means you will have to be in an enclosed room while you vape with a lot of actual smoke in the air, but you will be able to find a place to vape somewhere.


When it comes to packing eJuice, the current laws on all liquids applies here. If you are carrying on, the vape juice must be in a bottle 100ml or smaller and then placed in a plastic bag. If you are checking a bag, there are no specific rules, but I recommend still using a plastic bag, as the lack of pressure can cause leaks. This brings me to devices. EMPTY YOUR TANK! It may seem like a good idea to have your vape all primed and ready for your landing, but the lack of pressure in the airplane will likely allow the liquid to drain right into your pocket, which is not only uncomfortable but looks like you had an accident.

Lastly, do NOT check batteries in your baggage. Please carry on all the devices and batteries. There is a strict ban on checking batteries in your luggage.


Don't bring your vape to these places

If you are traveling outside of the US it is important to do proper research as to the local laws on ecigarettes and vaping. There are places that will confiscate your device or even possibly take legal action either in the form of a fine, prison time or both. Below is a list of countries you do not want to bring a vape to.





















United Arab Emirates


This may seem a bit gloomy as the list has grown a lot over the years, but the list of vape friendly countries would be far too long to include in this blog. England, for example, is a great place to experience a very welcoming vape culture and London Heathrow airport even allows you to vape all the way up to the gate!

We hope this information helps you with your traveling and you and your vaping device have a fantastic adventure.

From everyone aboard Fumã International, have a safe flight.

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